Performing live at Seeing in the Dark October 2011 (Extract)

In Two Minds is a two monitor installation first exhibited in the Serpentine Gallery, London in 1978. This work consisted of Atherton on one video monitor asking questions of himself on the other monitor. The questions, typically of that time, largely address the nature of the piece itself. At the time of making the piece he had no intention of using it beyond the Serpentine show, the rough and ready state of the black and white tapes attest to this. However, the ‘open’ or ‘incomplete’ nature of the work allows him to ‘re-enter’ it and create a new live version, where as a 60 year old man he can answer questions put to him by his 27 year old former self.

Seeing in the Dark is an exhibition and series of events inspired by artist run groups from the 1970s and ‘80s, such as Newcastle’s Ayton Basement and Basement Group, and London’s 2B Butler’s Wharf. These groups were formed by artists with diverse practices (music, performance, film and video) inhabiting vacant industrial spaces to produce opportunistic and eclectic events.

19 Oct - 12 Nov 2011

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