Think inside the box. Normally designers are called upon to think outside the box. Swedish paperboard manufacturer Iggesund and advertising agency Schindler Parent from Germany asked several leading designers to summon all their creative inspiration to do the opposite - And think inside the box!

German Illustrator, Designer and Art Director Sebastian Onufszak created a shortfilm about love and hate, about life and death and about lightness and darkness.

The outcome was "Still Life in a Circle", an abstract, mainly 3D-generated movie which by using video in print is waiting for you on an integrated screen in the box and starts playing right after you opened it.

We´ve been guest to Sebastian Onufszak and filmed a making of with all participants to give an outline of the project. This was inlcuded in the Blackbox as a DVD and was used for the campaign and diverse social media.

For more details check:

Jan Schöttler: Director, Executive Producer
Frank Meyer: Cameraman
Tijl Bex: Cameraman
Lars Korb: Sounddesign, 3D Animation
Ayumi Sawa: Sound Design
Markus Krause: Audio Mastering

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