A sample of almost everything I've either shot or directing while bring at Temple University as an Undergraduate in the Film and Media department.

(Set-up needs adjustment and I could also trim the fat a bit, run through some color correction
in it, but I'm okay with how it's looking for the moment..) Hope you enjoy it!

Available for work as a director or cinematographer.
Will also do Grip/Electric.
All camera/lens/lighting equipment is also available for rentals.

Just give me a call/text/email : 267 338 7273
Email: tony.sarandrea@temple.edu
Philadelphia, PA

Music credit in the video to: The Who - Underture - Album: Tommy Year: 1969 Composed by: Pete Townsend

* = (indicates that I own it and may be available for rental, depending on what it is and my availability)

All shot using:


Arriflex BL3 35mm film camera

RED One 4k Digital Cinema
RED One 3k
RED One 2k

Aaton XTR Prod 16mm
Aaton LTR
Bolex Rex.5/Rex.3 *
Krasnogorsk K-3

Canon 7d HD-SLR
Canon 5d
Canon T2i (lots of SD cards, battery grip, 4 batteries, viewfinder) *

ND .9 *
1/4 Black Pro-Mist *
Circular Polarizer*

Fuji 400t 35mm
Kodak 50d
Kodak 250d
Kodak 500t

Jag35 Shoulder Rig*

Zeiss Master Primes 16mm
Zeiss EF 35mm 1.4 *
Angenieux PL 12-120 2.8
Cooke Vari-Zoom PL 18-50
Zeiss 40mm PL super speed Cine lens
Zoomar 90mm makro
Canon L series 70-200mm @ 2.8 w/ IS ii *
Nikon Nikor MF 50mm prime @ 1.4 '80s manual aperture' *
Tamron 17-50mm @ 2.8 'throughout' w/ great Vibration Compensation *

Mole-Richardson 2ks,1ks, baby juniors, baby seniors, baby baby

Arri Kit: (includes all scrim, extension cords, C47s, gaffe tape and barndoors) *
650w with snoot*
150w* snoot


Arri 150 accent kits
China Ball Lanterns *
Kino Flo
Lowell Tota light *
Lowell Omni light *
Altman Leko ERS source 4 *
PAR source 4 *
Altman smaller leko *
Altman 1k fresnel *
Matthelini x2 *
Maffer *
Scissor Clamp*
Sand Bags x4*
camera tape*
hot hands*
Director's Viewfinder*

A large assortment of Gels and Diffusion*

Moving Camera:
Steadicam Pilot
Matthews Doorway Dolly
Shoulder Rig*

All editing done with Final Cut Pro 7* and Final Cut Pro X*
Adobe CS3*
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver/Illustrator

Writing done with Final Draft*

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