I just wanted to go through a couple of things that have come out of the 2 episodes on execution - recurve and compound; and just to tidy up some things that have come through on email and people asking questions.

I always knew that it was going to be difficult talking about execution - which everybody is hysterical about, and I want to take this opportunity again to say that both for a recurve and for a compound, execution is a non-cognitive [event] and therefore you are never going to hear me talking about it a lot. It is not controlled, it is not a movement to execute.

What you are trying to do - if you watch those episodes again - what you are trying to do is to set your body in a position (and you do that with a lot of internal focus so you go 'have I got this part right, this part right, this part right) and then you switch to external focus and your body will take care of the execution.

Lots of people have sent messages going - how do I get this last millimetre through the clicker. What I want to say now, especially for the recurves, is that if you hang this lot out in a good posture, with everything basically in line, it is more likely that you will go this way (remembering that there is no push on the front end) that hanging this 40lb / 50lb off the back end - it'll go that way for a millimetre, and it will execute.

You have to take that on board right now to learn how to do it, because you are never going control it cognitively - you can't start by trying to learn it cognitively. All you are trying to do is to set things up and let it happen. You will either run out of breath or it will work. If you try to control it you will use lots of little muscles. This is again not what you may have heard in other coaching material etc, but if there is any report of how you execute the trigger on a release aid, that tiny little bit on the clicker is a self report lie. People (athletes) are asked how do you do this - they have to say something. They can't just stand there and say 'it just happens' otherwise they're not worth their money - so they tell you that they make a movement.

They don't. There is lots of good psychophysiological evidence that during the execution phase of any skill that basically there are no brain wave alpha patterns which means that people are not working cognitively. I'm sure that I will have to come back to this at some point. I'm sure it will continue to fuel debate but I hope that's cleared up some of it.

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