Mastery in Communication and Influence

Weekend seminar on Mastery in Communication and Influence. During this 2 day weekend program we will teach you how to become a master in Communication and how to influence people.

You will learn some of the most powerful sales techniques used by some of the most successful people in the world today. You will be able to raise your knowledge AND standards to a whole new level.

In today's communication app. 7 % of the way people communicate is through words, the remaining 93 % are all non-verbal. Having this in mind, how do you believe you would be able improve your to communication with people around you, be it in business, education, therapy, relationships, etc if you were able to understand and communicate the human language 100% ?

This specific program will empower you to understand how people think before they say a word. At the same point in time this program will enable you to communicate with ANYONE and influence people turning awkward communication into good and pleasant communication.

Learn how to become a master of communication and influence in business and Learn how to master communication and influence in any relationship.

Mastering the proper skills of communication and influence will enable you to prepare and conduct powerful strategies for your self and people you are dealing with on an everyday, be it business or private.

In this program Carlos will share with you and teach you 10 different strategies:

* How to be in control of your own State!
* How to influence your customers states – and change them when you need to!
* Strategies for preparation – How to avoid Call reluctance and feel certain at all times!
* Effective Prospecting - How to really enjoy the road to achieving your Goals!
* How to build Trust – Make anyone you talk to LIKE you and your product in just a few moments!
* How to create LONG LASTING Interest and have your clients ask for more!
* How to Qualify your prospects – How to find out their CORE EMOTIONS!
* How to justify the product or service customers buy of you!
* How to handle Objections – How to turn Objections in to Questions
* How to button up the sale – How to make sure one sale becomes many sales!

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