Katherine Odell is a food writer for, one of America's top food blogs. Katherine surrounds herself with everything food as she dines out 6 nights a week and then cooks extravagant meals on her day of rest. She's a self proclaimed foodie!

Sonja and Brandon take this weeks guest, Kat Odell, on a journey of tasting and pairing. Together they try a wide range of foods and wines to discover for themselves whether the pairing taboos most of us take for granted really hold up.
Get ready for an in-depth exploration into the complicated relationships between food and wine. You're going to learn to breakdown the components of both in order to find a common denominator that aids us in making a palatable connection.


BREAKDOWN: F.A.S.S. Food F.A.S.T. Wine
Food and wine pairing

Food is basically made up of the following:
F -- Fat
A -- Acid
S -- Sugar
S -- Salt

Wine is:
F -- Fruit
A -- Acid
S -- Sugar
T -- Tannin

Wine Used:
Oak aged Chardonnay
Big full bodied Cabernet
Full bodied fruit forward Merlot
Full bodied Pinot Noir
New World Sauvignon Blanc
Sweeter style Riesling

Food Used:
Sliced sweet apple
Sliced Lemon
Salted roast beef
Hard cheese
Triple cream
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Sugar cookie

0-2:15 Introduction: Guest Kat Odell.
2:20 Kat's job description is to go out and eat and drink 6 days a week. So, what helps you have the stamina to go through all these flavors and elements?
3:10 What has taught you to prep your palate for everything you eat?
3:45 What helps you plan and prep for your job?
4:25 You started tasting wine at 10 years old?
6:00 Can you recall either really good or bad pairings that you have experienced lately?
7:10 You said you really enjoy ports and sweet wine. Why?
7:40 When you do pairing and multi course meals with wine do you generally take a bite or a drink first?
8:40 When you're having friends over for dinner do you contemplate what to pair with the food you make or is that something that comes naturally?
10:00 You have an amazing food blog that you're the editor for, so are your friends always calling you and asking for your advice?
10:50 Video: Top American Chefs' Opinions on Wine
13:20 What is more important: The food or the wine?
15:20 F.A.S.S. Food F.A.S.T. Wine
17:30 When you're eating and drinking do you think of it in this way (breaking down the different tastes)?
18:15 Why do some of us get so nervous about doing this?
19:20 PAIRINGS: Lets begin with the whites!
20:00 Sauvignon Blanc
21:50 Chardonnay
23:50 Riesling
24:50 PAIRINGS: Bring on the food!
25:25 Tasting apple with the white wines.
31:20 Tasting sugar cookie with white wines.
33:40 Tasting lemon with white wines.
36:30 Tasting triple cream cheese with white wine.
39:05 Champagne
40:05 Pairing Reds
40:40 Cabernet Sauvignon with cheese.
42:50 Cab, Pinot Noir and Merlot with lemon?!
46:20 Reds with a hard cheese.
47:37 Reds with roast beef.
49:05 Mixing foods: sandwiches with the reds.
50:20 Pinot Noir with sugar cookies.
51:35 When you're at restaurants how often does the manager or chef come up and tell you what you are going to taste in your food and wine?
52:10 Cab with milk chocolate vs cab with dark chocolate.
53:40 Has the tasting today done anything to change your perspective on pairing?
56:10 Pairing wines with pizza (from Restaurant 111).
1:00:00 Wrap up

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