'Robin Foster Feat. Dave Pen - Forgiveness'
Label: Last Exit Records

"Amidst a graveyard of forgotten industry, a weathered man begins a dark task..."

Cast: Loic Lossouarn, Robin Foster, Dave Pen

Director of Photography: David Procter

Camera: Filmscape Media
Thanks to: Simon Gosling, Kevin Harvey, Anthony Holt


With a budget of just £4k, we shot two half-days on location in Northern France with a skeletal crew, ie... just the two of us. Having become accustomed to large crews on our commercial projects it was quite liberating returning to a more guerilla production, although we had to pull in a lot of favours to make it happen. Add to the mix rough seas, a non-English speaking lead coupled with our lack of French, and a corpse... it was certainly memorable.

Winner of December's ARTE Creative Music Video Award

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