This mash-up was created by David Sindel in the course Camera As Agent, offered through the University Honors College at Boston University in the Fall of 2011. Students used material from the Internet and created a mash-up targeted at a specific audience to promote thought and change.

Clip Attribution--
ScareClips, "Protestors in Thair Square break into song"
MoodYouTube, "Eygptian Revolution 2011 - 18 days..."
RussiaToday, "Egypt Unrest: Video of police killing teen protestor, riots aftermath"
ITNSource, footage of Cliton with Mubarak
YouGertTube, "Interview with pro-democracy activist at Tahir Square"
John Green, "Revolution in Egypt: A 4-minute introduction"

Image Attribution--
(From Wikimedia Commons)
Tahir Square April 8 2011.png
The lion of Egyptian revolution (Qasr al-Nil Bridge)-edit2.jpg
George W. Bush & Hosni Mubarak.jpg
Netanyahu and Mubarak checking their watches.jpg

Music Attribution--
Scorpions, "Wings of Change"
Protestors, (unknown song)
Rolling Stones, "Street Fighting Man"
David Bowie, "This is Not America"
The Doors, "Light My Fire"

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