grunt gallery, Vancouver
performance with calligraphy brush, silicone butt plug, ink on paper

This homoerotic and scatological performance is not only an homage to Shigeko Kubota's Vagina Painting (1965), but more urgently, a tongue-in-cheek response to gendered and racialized representations and readings of bodies in contemporary culture.

"If Kubota challenged the works of male artists like Pollock, Klein, and Paik - by counterposing the female body's productivity to the masculine painterly gestures loaded with phallic symbolism, I want my work to be read against two forces: First , (East) Asian calligraphy. Many practitioners believe in a link between male virility and the strength of his brush stroke, the brush tip standing in for the phallus. Through scatological markmaking , I aim to 'pollute' this phallogocentrism. Second, I want to interrogate the white gaze, and how the Asian body, or for that matter, Asia as a body, is feminized (read Said )." - excerpt from Interview with Glenn Alteen, brunt magazine, Issue #1.

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