Alan Pearson's personal testimony is entitled "The Skeptic" with good reason. Learn how Alan went from agnostic, to atheist and then skeptic before he came to repentance and faith in Christ alone.

More than just his personal testimony, "The Skeptic" provides practical advice and will encourage and equip you to talk with agnostics, atheists and skeptics about the claims of Christ.

In addition to his testimony, Alan loves to share a message he’s entitled "The Full Meaning of the Cross."

Alan reminded our church (men's group) that hell is real, time is short, and that saving grace isn't just for the really bad people! His gripping testimony will wake up the self-satisfied "good person" to their desperate need for Jesus, our Savior. - Pastor Rob Byker, Rehoboth Church

What an encouragement “The Skeptic” is! Praise God for the work He did in your heart and life! The desire to be used by God through evangelism continues to beat strong in my heart and this message spurs me on even more. What a blessing! – Judy Smith, Murrieta CA

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