With the 2012 election campaign heating up, I was recently enjoying some work we did in 2008.

This is a joke we played on a co-worker. In 2008 we built an entire presidential campaign using his name and likeness. Of course the best part was that he did not know any of this until we unleashed the massive campaign efforts on election day!

The fake campaign included a website (since removed), posters, an "officially approved" TV ad and of course this interview of his Vice Presidential running mate (me).

Unfortunately I shot this @ 720p, due to the animations I used. But the content was the most important element of the production anyway. I shot and cut this all together in one day. Those projects are the most fun. :)

I used my Canon XH-A1 w/ Letus 35mm adapter (85mm lens) with a real American flag as my backdrop.

Credits: Digital Juice Stack Tracks from Corporate Stacks II (song: Decision Maker), Digital Juice Jump Back "Old Glory". Special thanks to all the contributors of the questions used for this interview. We all had a great time.

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