Today, you, as an individual, are being exposed more and more. Every move you make is spread into a unimaginative world of information and eventually captured and stored. Although this light of knowledge has illuminated us, the past few years our minds and our imagination were corrupted by it and beginning to decay.

Instead of helping each other, human beings are becoming increasingly money eyed and jealous. Our world lacks simple kindness. We give up our freedom in order to adjust to a system we don’t belong to. We start living in a box with no space left to unfold ourselves.

Question and re-examine everything you are told. Stop following - start thinking and make use of the opportunities you are given. Be yourself. Make your own decisions. Do what comes naturally. Act creatively, inspire others, team up and start a movement. The light is not necessarily evil. Be inspired! Be change!

Be the Colour.

Directed by Ferdinand Feldmann
Written by Christoph Schaller & Florian Kiermaier
Produced by Christoph Schaller
Filmed and Edited by Ferdinand Feldmann & Sebastian Berghofer

"In Two Minds" by CLAIRE

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