part 2

This is when my students play with Miss Koko Jones and
Dr.Marvin Smith

Steve Habib
This second part of Series # 124 is so joyful as I listen to Andrew Greeney and Koko Jones open up with Dr. Marvin Smith playing BELL. The music moves without effort as it represents strong communication between the players. I loved the great playing that both Andrew and Jan Jurgielewicz did along with Masters Smith and Jones. Wow! The teaching aspects of this bandstand experience can't be beat and the beat moves on and on into rainbows of beautiful sound. It's all recorded so well and mixed so perfectly. Nobody is talking on top of each other. These Cats are listening carefully and answering and responding so well to each other. It's like a conversation at the dinner table with everyone talking about their life's experiences. The journey that Dr. Marvin Smith points everyone toward is a journey of people's own individual experiences. Each player is able to add unique personality to the main drum line which Dr. Smith acts as a tour guide on a vacation into another land and world. Dr. Marvin Smith promotes healing as he allows a state of "KOO" to be realized within each person. As the players become unaware of everything but joy and happiness, their level of compassion increases and they want to help each other more and more to achieve that FLOWING wind that is AURA of Master Marvin Smith, the TRUE DOCTOR OF TRUTHFUL DIRECTION. Listen carefully to the storyline that develops as Dr. Marvin Smith's student Jan Jurgielewicz plays so beautifully with Koko Jones and how great this teaching example is. Any student can enter into this groove and serve it well if they can develop listening skills as well as Jan has. I am so moved emotionally with MAX JOY to be able to sit here and react so intensely to Jan's great playing. I loved all the emotional vocalizations that I heard from all the players as they became totally taken over by each others peaceful flow of real awareness representing their own enlightenment. Dr. Marvin Smith has the unique ability of driving players into high levels of SPIRITUAL REALITY. Once a player has tasted this he enters a new level of playing. That's what is being done here on Series # 124 in both parts 1 and 2. This example is one of over 1200 video examples that Dr. Marvin Smith and his recordings represent of great traditional teachings of Jazz Music Roots and the old fashioned way of drawing students into professional reality. The bandstand is where it's and goes along with hard practicing and no fooling around.You are actually preparing your hands to flow freely with little physical effort. Just listen to it and amaze yourself at the "REAL DEAL" Music that's coming out of those drums. There's a lifetime of experience that Dr. Marvin Smith is giving away to these students and all of them will tell you about it if you get a chance to hang with them in Marvin Smith's sound lab and brand new 48 track state of the art studio. Every week this stuff is going down and it's always a new journey being documented freshly and with great sonic representation. The sound and video capture is so great that musicians from all over the world are inquiring about recording at the facility and also having the exposure to the great Master Drummer/Educator/Teacher, the one and only Master of it all, Dr. Marvin Smith who was written up in February 2011 in Modern Drummer Magazine with a 2 page feature article about being such a unique person, THE MAN OF ULTIMATE COMPASSION.

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