We, at creativestudios, are always blessed that all of our couples are game, funny, some are a bit shy but are always a joy to shoot!

And we are proud to say that we finished this wedding without blood on our noses as we scoured our treasure chest of english words to use as conversation pieces. hahaha

A match made in Bermuda and culminated in the Philippines.
Though both came from different backgrounds and cultures, they were brought together by their love for each other.

The lady is Renha Canete and she is awesome!
Always has this lively smile on her face, she oftentimes is teased that she can only keep her poker face for 5 seconds and she would burst out laughing again. And it was so true! And we love it!

The man is David Stewart, the blue-eyed, straight out of a magazine love interest of Renha, whom we always caught staring lovingly at her.

And oh, something unique is in store for you guys.
Enjoy the video..

We present to you David & Renha Stewart..

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