“SILENT LIFE” is a 1920s stylized hybrid feature film, which uniquely marries color and b/w, film and HD formats, silence and sound, the traditions of past and present. "Silent Life" is Vlad Kozlov's seven-year passion journey, marking his directorial debut. The project started out in 2005 as a black and white silent short film "DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino" (2006) and was supported by numerous Hollywood vendors and professionals, who kindly donated their equipment, locations, services and talent, and helped to bring this dream to life.


The year is 1926. While on tour promoting his latest movie "Son Of The Sheik", Rudolph Valentino, the Hollywood silent screen icon, suffers a sudden collapse and is hospitalized at the New York Polyclinic Hospital. After the emergency surgery, Valentino loses his grip of reality and sees visions of his past life in Hollywood in a perspective of a coma - as a silent film screening at a movie palace, the magical portal between reality and illusion, between life and eternity...
Dubbed "The Great Lover" around the world, Valentino reigns the screen as a dashing and virile "Sheik" and drives his female audience into hysteria. Off screen, however, his private life is a complete failure - the Sheik cannot satisfy even his own domineering wife.
Snapping back to reality, Valentino finds himself abandoned, alone and stricken with illness. Pam, a mute nurse, who is caring after her movie idol at the hospital, will show "God of Love" for the first time in his life what love truly means.


Rudolph Valentino - Vlad Kozlov
Gabriella Guglielmi-Valentino - Isabella Rossellini
Alexander DeSalm - Franco Nero
Dick Dorgan - Jack Osbourne
Pam - Eugenia Platone
Natacha Rambova - Ksenia Jarova
Kazimir - Stephen Nelson
Dr. Meeker - Monte Markham

Teaser Music: The Secession Studios and Ray F. Allen

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