Milan,August 2009.
Inside the hangar of the INNSE, the last active steel factory in Milan, four men climb a 70-foot high crane.
The factory owner is planning to close the factory for good. In a bid to protect their jobs and futures, the workers are threatening to jump off the crane if the machinery is to be dismantled and sold.
The factory is surrounded by dozens of police officers, and protesters from across Europe arrive to show their support.
The ultimatum is given. After eight days of tension and passion rising like the heat the four men climb down victoriously: the factory has been bought by a new owner and the workers will not lose their jobs.
This triumphant result inspires thousands of workers to follow suit, organizing and fighting similar battles in the months to come.
The “INNSE effect” ignites what will be called the era of “everyone on the roof”.
The factory has been reopened.
In times of the clash of modern capitalism, this is the story of the INNSE, and its victory.

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