presents; The Distance Diaries: a new, periodic video-blog of long-distance bicycle riding in the midwest and central states. Randonneuring is long distance timed touring - not racing - and tests the mental and physical limits of its participants. These video diaries seek to highlight this pursuit in a light-hearted manner and demonstrate the wide range of approaches to the sport, tips and tricks, generally useless blathering about this and that, and forays into the mentally diverse frontier where these long-distance cycling nutcases exist. This is a pilot/test video - more to come, with better equipment and larger chunks of material. Enjoy!

Music Credits:

"Groovy Baby" by Jason Shaw (

"Gander in the Pratie Hole, Morrison's Jig, Drowsy Maggie" by Sláinte (

"Sonatina" by Kevin MacLeod (

"L'Ultimo Giorno Allo Stadio" by Digi G'Alessio (

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