Touch it! is the result of the collaboration between the artist collective Núcleo do DirCeu, Teresina Brazil and the dance production house Dansmakers Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As a choreographer I have been invited to create a piece, with four components of the Brazilian group and artists resident in The Netherlands.

What we want to present to you is, more than a dance or theatre piece, an intense human and artistic meeting. It involves an enormous amount of "contaminating" elements in which different cultures, experiences, approaches to the body and the dance, and very different individuals cooperated towards an articulated performative act. This meeting is based on a rich process of finding and getting to know each other in a NON-neutral place.

This process opened up a new way to work together and to work on subjects which I’ve never experienced before. A way full of creativity and also full of different interpretations. I don't feel that this piece belongs to me. Everything that was said to me in the time working in Brazil worked subconsciously and beyond my control, and probably is all there now, visible or invisible on stage: tropicalism, Rousseau, feminism, colonialism, Foucault, Swingeira, Candomblé and Taranta, family troubles, social troubles, roles of women in societies, sex and sensuality, colours, plastic, children, religion and meanings of religious icons, white elephants, art and politics and of course music. Every symbol calls another one and builds relationships. Sometimes you get a whole picture, meaningful and complex. Sometimes every logical meaning disappears and you are left with fragments of sensations and unsolved questions.
Imagine a night with the moon, 37 degrees, the Gioconda floting into the water of a swimming pool; nothing moves except for a few leaves of the trees around the pool. The red is full red, as the green is. Many different songs and other sounds
cross in the air, bats fly so fast that you
can't see them clearly. A voice reads lines
which regards the massacre of the
indigenous by the first colonialists who
arrived in Brazil. The face who reads the
lines is a male face, dark skinned, with
sharp blue and pink eyeshadow.
Bit of lipstick. Serious and still, smiling.
Life and art are every second getting closer.
This is what I see, what I experienced
and would like to share with you.

Gabriella Maiorino

Choreography: Gabriella Maiorino
Dance/live music: Kayo Arruda, Layo Bulhão, Valentina Campora, César Costa and Juliana França
Light design: Mike van de Lagemaat
Original Music: Simone Giacomini
Decor: Giovanni Cavalcoli
Gioconda: Mavi Veloso / Rianne Blekkenhorst
Dramaturgical advice: Suzy Blok
Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with NúCleo do DirCeu

Special thanks to:
Marcelo Evelin, Mavi Veloso, Federico Bonelli, Leo Nabuco and Barbara Krulik

Supported by: Central de Cultura / Fonds Podiumkunsten, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

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