video shot and edited by: George Forste

2004/09 idgf underground

Band Members krusty: electric string-a-ma-whatzit, hair clogs, stagers, slured speach. Ryan Wanker: 4 string anal plug, acoustic cheese, abuse, man boobies. Lou From Peru: skins, hats, random peruvian merch, catchin some ZZZZZZZZZZ!

About F.R.A.
FRA is a 3-piece old school street punk/rock band with influences ranging from the Dead Kennedys, the Exploited, Uk Subs, the Cramps, the Who, Joy Division, and Guns n' Roses. We promote an alternative way of thinking through our music and ideas, while trying to be as offensive as possible. We have been playing for over 4 years now and have played with such national (and international) acts as the Murder Junkies, Beerzone, Straight Laced, New Society of Anarchists, the Nerds, and Agent Orange.

source: Myspace

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