CloudStat is a cloud-based statistical platform that leverages the R language to allow users analysing data on the cloud at anywhere, anytime across multiple platforms while connecting with other experts all around the world to exchange data analysis experience.

In short, CloudStat can be regarded as implementation of R language. So, users will not have any problems in using R language related software as well as S language which was developed at Bell Laboratories and forms of the S-Plus system.

It’s still under development and currently also a testing phrase. So, I need your help to test it out and give me some feedback, hope that it will be a common data analysis tool for everyone in coming January 2012.

My aim is to decrease the learning curve of learning R and collaboration. With CloudStat, there is no more download, installation, update and maintenance. For advanced users, they can be benefit with the high computation power with our cloud computing infrastructure.

At the same time, I had made some really simple & easy video tutorial for those are really newbie. You can learn using CloudStat, R and S-Plus using these tutorial. Short videos (2-5 mins) and manuscripts for videos are provided.

1a CloudStat: Learn & Do R Language on the Cloud 云端统计
1b CloudStat: Learn & Do R Programming on the Cloud (Advanced version)
2 CloudStat: Values & Variables
3 CloudStat: Importing Data
4 CloudStat: Concatenating Data
5 CloudStat: Simple Linear Regression
6 CloudStat: Constructing a new table using c, cbind, rbind functions
7 CloudStat: Sequence Function, seq()
8 CloudStat: Repeat Function, rep()
9 CloudStat: Access elements of a table n Dimension Function, dim()

Thanks a lot!

CloudStat is a platform to learn and do R on the Cloud. With CloudStat, there is no more download, installation, update and maintenance. CloudStat decreases the R language learning curve besides collaboration. And it's Free! Demo @

CloudStat是一个云端统计平台,可以在线上做R统计与学习。没有下载,安装,更新和维护的需要。 CloudStat降低R语言的学习曲线,除了有协作功能,还是是免费的!演示@

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