In his new choreography, Cayetano Soto is inspired by Fuel, a piece for string orchestra by the
American composer Julia Wolfe who transforms the modern industrial world of fuels and machines
into clanking string sounds. Soto transfers to human bodies this idea of a single substance that
keeps the world moving restlessly: as if the dancers, too, were driven by one secret energy. The
choreography works with contrasts between dynamic, technically virtuous Pas de Deux and Trios
on the one hand and still but never strainless moments on the other hand. Right before the ending
one female dancer is standing alone while three men disappear in an apparent slowdown moving
their backs like waves. Yet she is unable to achieve any rest, instead performing little, nervous, jerky
movements as if she was being recharged while waiting for the next crash. When one male dancer
approaches her quickly, everything could rebegin – blackout!

- Text of Nadja Kadel

Choreographer: Cayetano Soto
Choreographer assistant: Mikiko Arai
Dramaturg : Nadja Kadel
Music: Julia Wolfe
Lights Design: Cayetano Soto
Costume Design: Cayetano Soto
Lighting Director : Daniel Ranger
Videast: Joseph Ghaleb
Costumes Production : Anne-Marie Veevaete
Sound Design : Antoine Bédard
Production team: Oswald Foisy, Manon Meunier, Hervé Holdrinet
Length: 22 minutes
North American Premiere: Halifax, NS, Canada
November 2011
Fuel is a production of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal.
Dancers:Antonios Bougiouris, Christina Bodie, Kevin Delaney, Alyssa Desmarais, Alexandra Gherchman, James Gregg, Brett Taylor, Morgane Le Tiec, Andie Masazza

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