IDTAL (Skye Speciale) - USA

“rEAL liVE FLEsh tUNeYard remix”

Mostly my songs just happen. The way it seems to work naturally is that I hear a piece of music I like and take it from there. With rEASL liVE FLEsh tUNe Yard remix I discovered this band and thought they were quite good so I began to play around with their sounds. In this instance I began by recording one of their tracks, I then recorded the same track on top of it and changed the pitch . Next I added the same track again, slowed it down, then made a ghost track of the whole piece and added echo. Lastly I added bass and drums to finish with a remix based on a type of cut and paste process.

An exhibtion curated by Lee-Ann Joy, derived from a facebook group titled "Experimental Sounds, Sculptures & Installations"

Exhibition - J Studio's, Library Art Space, Melbourne, Australia. Compromised of Melbourne Sculptors and Sound Artists with International guest Sound Artists whom each produced a film especially for the event.

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