Some clips from the rehearsal and the show day.

Orbe is a Multimedia platform play in which most of the media content is interactive .
Duration 45 mins.

It,s a history about the inner and outer being and the way both influence and evolute togueter.

Orbe was part of the Bad-Bilbao festival and was shown on the 30th of november.

Director: Zigor Gorostiola Sauce
Interpretation: Ena Fernández
Interactive Designer,Programmer: Abraham Manzanares
Musical Production: DJ Amnsia
Therapeutic dance: Izaskun Zelaia
Assitant helper : Itzi Recalde Fragua
Video: Pablo Fernández, Iñigo López
Video resourses : Pausa digital

Thanks to all + :
Zigor for his effortless will of making things.
Irene Pereira for caring.
Izaskun Fernandez in place and show help .
Jesu y Piti for sharing their place .
hierro for kinect plug.

Music of the video :
David nod - Noised -

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