Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) 2011

We enjoy your love for total creative freedom & lack of compromise cinema!

'Abstructures Preview' (3', 2011, Romania, Mario Oprean)
BIEFF 2011 International Competition

World Premiere

'Abstructures Preview' is an unfinished visual parataxis, a meditative piece that deranges a viewer's perception of time using long duration and loops. For Mario Oprean, it started out as a project in 2010, with the release of "Brainwave", his intentions being polarized by concepts of mind experiences or brain activity. These can be described as a virtual storm of electrical and chemical activity, composed of many different frequencies of rhythmic and non-rhytmic waves and ranges. The project eventually degraded into something more abstract than the director originally planned, evolving more into a visual experiment that focuses on its poetic result. The viewer can project his or her own self onto this film, and they are free to find the rhyme and reason of these abstract structures.

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