This video has been dedicated to my very close friend Gregory Allen LeGeyt jr. whom has since passed on.

Greg was Probably the best friend I have ever known,His kindness and generosity have shown through the years through the thick and thin of our friendship which began in the early spring of 1995 in Mashpee Massachusetts where we both resided near each other.From then on we remained close and have bonded a friendship that lasted and could never have been broken.

Greg has came through for me over the years when it mattered,and everything he has done for me and others will always be remembered.The joy he brought to me as a friend will always be cherished and respected.

The memories and experiences I have shared with Greg will always be some of the best times in my life.

To have a friend like Greg some could only wish.

words could never explain what Greg meant to me as a friend,and he will be missed forever

All video media is under copywrite of Brasspinapple Productions 2011

Location:Longboat Key - Sarasota Florida - Longboat Beach
Date and time of filming: November 6th 2011 (4:30 p.m.)

Music Credit:Pearljam - indifference - 1992/1993 ( EPIC RECORDS


YOUR FRIEND...jay mahan - ( BUSTA )

Born: June 11th 1981
Died: Novemeber 5th 2011

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