We'll spend April through July in Honolulu while we study the New Testament and how the gospel changed the world.

Upon finishing the NT the school transitions to Kona, where we'll spend August to December studying the Old Testament chronologically.

Our prayer is that transition from one island to another helps to refresh us all as we transition from the time of the early church to the time of the patriarchs.

Our prayer for this school is for it to be a life giving time where we all learn the story God has woven each one of us into through Christ.

The SBS is about gaining wisdom through the study of his word not just knowledge about the word, but how to live by it.

"If any of you is lacking wisdom, ask God who gives to all generously and it will be given you. But ask in faith , never doubting..."

One thing that is particularly unique about this SBS is that we will be providing hands on experience by going on regular community outreach trips. This is an excellent way for the students to apply what they are discovering.

This day and age is a wonderful time to explore Gods word and to get to know Him better because of the technological advances we now have, such as Ebooks, software, Kindl, and Ipads.

If you are Interested in SBS, April 2012, please visit us at our website uofnkona.edu and apply for the school. Or email us at sbskona@yahoo.com

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