This is a private project, yet another integration of my autopilot with a test platform. Basically everything I ever used as RC model is now flying by itself.

The FOX is really unflyable in RC mode when the motor is below 30% throttle, autopilot handles it much better.
I believe it could be the smallest _classic_ layout winged _outdoor_ UAV in the world, the reason is that small UAVs are typically flying wings in order to have larger wing chord what plays major role at low Reynolds numbers.
It is not fun to fly in manual mode because it stalls for any reason. But it can be done and all landings are a spectacular crash when plane bounces like a ball from any obstacle it finds, spiralling around Z axis.
It has surprisingly good 31min endurance and 50km/h cruise speed, what because of its size feels like it would be flying at 100km/h. It is so small you lose it from view if you turn in the wrong direction, I cannot tell its orientation from more than 250m away. From 400m it is a tiny dot that you lose forever if you blink. It is also inaudible from more than 150m away so flying it is a real thrill: 'is it still up there?'.

Yet another UAV on rudder only I have made, but there are others with full house mechanics. No, airspeed sensor is not necessary for this airframe but would make tuning so much easier. It would be also the first thing to break all the time, so I am using Pitot tube only on a few specific birds.

This plane is fully autonomous and can navigate waypoints even 20-25km away as endurance permits, RC controller is used for trimming, testing and backup control.

It is driven by FLEXIPILOT, developed by me in ancient times.
Not for sale, not a gift. But it works and scares the neighbours, 'because it can be done'.

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