This is a non-scientific test of the "look" most of my lenses.

Sorry - my mistake: The lens at 1:35 is the Olympus 45mm 1.8 - not a Panasonic ditto.

Each clip shows my son Julius - and a lens - for five seconds. Each lens is at it's maximum aperture, and they are in ascending order from a 12-24mm 4.0 Tokina (Mk I) to a prehistoric 300mm 2.8 AF.
The video has a very rudimentary near uniform grading done in PP CS4 in the following order: A little levels, Magic Bullet Looks; Subtle Film Look pre-set, and a little Fast Color Corrector (some clips have been lifted more than others in levels - but all else is same same).
The previous is "Raw".
The Light is Daylight Fluorescent, and the WB is set via Kelvin by looking at the screen - as I would do when a white balance is too slow. The setting is 5400 Kelvin - I would say that the screen is 200 Kelvin off (it appears colder).
All Equal focal lengths shot at the same distance.

There are a few surprises. My Godlike OM 90mm 2.0 and OM 28mm 2.0 are rubbish at digital (remember all lenses wide open only).
Major correction - pleas see answer to Mr. Señor Román below!
The two 50's - 1.8 and 1.4 - are fine creatures - Better than the Nikon 1.4.
The Nikon 20mm 2.8 MF with scratches front and back is a 70's soft-porn lens.
The Tokina 50-135mm 2.8 is a High Fidelity lens without much "Look".
All Panasonic lenses have the same subtle "Look" that is too easily dismissed the way you dismissed the girl you "should have married" - a little quiet and predictable, but always there with a pretty smile.
All Voigthländers are spot on - jazzy and efficient. Sharp too - very sharp as a matter of fact.
The Leica is neat.
The C-mounts are all one inch - maybe except the 25mm 1.8 which is an old "TV" lens with riffled focus barrel.
The largest surprise is the Jupiter-8 50mm 2.0 lens of CCCP stock. It is sharp and soft and hazy and contrasty and the focus ring is like butter and firm. Thank you lens God, and thank you our Soviet brothers (may it rain on many a tea party).

Other than that: The light is 2 meters away from my oldest son - who got paid 5 Cars2 cars - and he is one meter away from a white wall on his right and one meter away from the window glass - the plant about 20 cm closer to him.

A full list of lenses coming up - work permitting.

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