I did these animated program intros back in the mid to late 90s using Imagine3D on my Commodore Amiga computer.

For the "Home Show" intros, I updated the animations over time to include different seasons. The first one has a clip of flower growing that came from Digital Juice but the rest is all Imagine3D.

I think the "Autumn" version was the last one produced. I was playing around more with Imagine3D's particle system and Depth-Of-Field. I don't think there was any DOF on the Spring or Winter versions. I was also trying to grow some grass, rather than just use the flat Brady Bunch turf again.

The "Winter" version fixed some shading problems with the fence edges, introduced some falling snow and various textures (shaders) for snow accumulation fx.

The "Fireplace" animation was an opportunity to place with procedural fire textures. I should have added some smoke. Steve Worley put out some really great textures (shaders) for Imagine3D, Essence Volumes 1 & 2.

I don't recall which came first, the "Seasons Greetings" short or the "Winter HomeShow" animation. Both shared common objects & fx. I might have just thrown "Seasons Greetings" together as a quicky.

The last one is a spinning diner sign. Imagine3D had some post-render fx that could be applied to the rendered frame. I used one to create a flickering neon effect.

I did a dancing skeleton for the Halloween season but I couldn't find that animation.

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