Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) 2011

We enjoy your love for total creative freedom & lack of compromise cinema!

'Roe' (1', Romania, 2011, Irina Ghenu)
BIEFF 2011 International Competition

World Premiere

'Roe' is a short experimental film that portrays a dream. An alternate reality in which fish roe float in the air.

Roe has been considered a symbol for fertility or pregnancy. Although it is still unclear the way the subconscious is processing and coding the information, dreams have a vivid way of expressing our fears and emotions. Through dreams, our alternate selves become real. A single ego is an absurdly narrow vantage from which to view an experience. And the only way to contemplate relationships of ones various selves to one another is through dreams. That's why floating roe could be seen as a display of not-yet born selves.


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