Production Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien
Director Francesco Patierno
Written by Francesco Patierno
in collaboration with Chiara Laudani
Editing Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima
Lenght 52 minutes
In collaboration with SPERLING & KUPFER

After becoming Italy’s most beloved boy wonder thanks to his role in RAI’s most popular television series of the late ‘60s, Valerio Fioravanti turned into the most wanted and feared terrorist in only a few years, responsible for many killings and, allegedly, for the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980.
This film tells his story and that of his companion, both in life and battle, Francesca Mambro. Their life and actions are the backbone of a historical documentary about right wing terrorism in Italy’s “lead bullet” years. The film features exclusive interviews of the couple, rich archival footage some of which never seen before.

April 2, 1968, 9 p.m.: RAI’s only channel broadcasts the first episode of “The Benvenuti Family”, a new series about the vicissitudes of a typical family household as it comes to grips with daily life. The actors playing in this success are: Enrico Maria Salerno, Valeria Valeri and… Giuseppe Valerio Fioravanti. He was called Giusva at home, by his friends and at school. Roman, ten years old, he was the most popular television personality created by Italian television at that time. On every occasion Giusva behaved like a born actor. Everything was instinctively easy for him and he was always punctual, silent and serious on the job.

Despite his popularity, when he entered adolescence Valerio managed to leave his acting role behind him. While still underage he left for America to study abroad for a year, but his father called him back to Italy and when he got back, he found a changed country.
1975, Rome: The political climate had become oppressive: hardliners from the left and right faced each other off in daily confrontations that were becoming increasingly harsh.
Valerio let himself be sucked into the vortex of violence and tension, and with his brother Cristiano and Francesca Mambro (who became his lifelong love) Valerio created the NAR (Armed Revolutionary Nucleus) and quickly became one of the most wanted terrorists in the country.

In February 1978, the callow boy Giusva Fioravanti decided to change the course of his life forever by shooting Roberto Scialabba, a twenty-four year old communist militant, in the head. From that day and for five long years, Fioravanti committed vicious crimes that shocked public opinion and led it to cancel forever the reassuring, pleasant image it had had of the young Benvenuti role Giusva had played ten years earlier. Valerio Fioravanti’s criminal carreer ended in a hospital in the province of Padua at the age of twenty-three.

His delinquent past included ruthless murders which cost him three life sentences: from the young Scialabba to the judge Mario Amato; from Maurizio Arnesano to his conviction for his involvement in the Bologna bomb (85 killed), which Fioravanti always declared he was not responsible for.

Valerio Fioravanti married Francesca Mambro in prison. They now have a daughter. Since April 2009 Fioravanti, his leave of absence from prison by day being over, has been a free man who has completed his prison sentence.

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