We visited Zimra last month and she has grown a lot in many ways. To begin with, she is no longer an infant. She gets around by herself, feeds herself and is very independent. But the most amazing thing is how she communicates. Zimra understands many things you say but when she responds in sign language, it's amazing! Look carefully and you can see her sign "more" and "dog" for example.

Zimra was so busy and so much fun to play with, that I ended up making several short videos and one long bonus video. I hope you get a sense of her activity and personality in these videos.

This bonus video has a number of small adventures with Zimra. It's over 9 minutes long, so it's only for the real Zimra fans.

Steve Medwin
Michele Medwin
Dan Medwin
Zimra Medwin

Kevin MacLeod

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