Depot of Genius Delusions

The unique installed - performable environment, based on ingenious scientific errors of last centuries.

1.Planet X. Behind Pluton there is the hidden planet-giant
2.Tahions. Exist particles runs faster than light and some from the future to the past
3..Molecule of Memory. We can transfer our memory by separate molecule from human to human.
4.AntiMatter. The Solar system and Space are filled by an Antimatter
5.Form of Atom. Atoms have the form of cubes
6.Static Moon. Moon has a torsion
7.Water Polymer. There is polymer, the drop of one can destroy Oceans by polymerization
8.Light Element. There are extra-light elements on the Sun which are not presented on the Earth
9.Compressive Earth. Our planet is cooling down and also is compressing
10.Big Bang!

Each hypothesis is corresponded with own sophisticated scenography , advanced Video Mapping projection and physical actor's action.

Idea: AKHE Theatre
Objects: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko
Video-mapping: Kirill Malovichko, Oleg Mikhaylov, Gera Mamatov, Ilya Starilov
Actors: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Maxim Didenko, Alisa Oleynik, Natalya Shamina, Sergey Okunev, Ilya Philippov, Andrey Sizintsev
Music: Nick Soudnik
Technical suport : Alexandr Kurganskiy, Vadim Gololobov,

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