ConceptShare has introduced even more features to support your creative workflow.

Some of our new features include:

1) Improved Collaboration on Adobe Flash Assets: with the innovative Flash breadcrumb feature.
2) Streamlined Video Review: communicate more effectively with enhanced video review and multi-frame comments.
3) More Feedback Tools: such as the ruler tool for web designers and the eyedropper tool to measure color values.
4) Inbox Functionality: do more right from your inbox like sending assets to your workspaces and replying to comments.
5) Advanced Copy Review: with text selection and industry standard proofing tools for Microsoft Office and PDF formats.
6) HDR File Support: share, step through exposures and review them in ConceptShare.

This video uses an old version of ConceptShare. Our latest version, V4, has new features that help modern marketers and creative teams share, communicate and collaborate, like…
- Activity Feeds
- Project and Workflow Templates
- Mobile compatibility
- Annotation and Version Control
- Smart Folders
…and more. Take a trial at

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