Show the footage as it is, as it was recorded, with errors, duplicates, good and wrong stuff. No edits, no color correction or post-production, just sorted by date. From set to screen as a dogma.
At first glance rough material destabilize, then gives a sense of potential. Because it splits observers in active or passive.
And yes, is a provocation.

The time-lapse were realized with 2 Nikon d2x and a cinema shuttle-pod. No kessler or dynamic perception motion control were used, diy - just by hand and scotch tape.
Now we have a stage zero modified, (a slider with motion control for timelapse) but in this case I love the flickering and the discontinuity of hand made. Anyway, at the time, I whish I had it...

production: Absolute
timelapse: Marco Genone

Time-lapse extracts from footage realized for Metro Roma corporate film. Produced by ATON - ABSOLUTE in 2008

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