Here i am with my 1st of 2 perfectly wonderful wives (who was also my 1st human friend on Earth), Gertrude (Shaeyna Rose) Rosenfield Eminizer and i are here being interviewed on tv for the very 1st time. It was in 1982 after we had had our Psychic business for a couple of years. Our business was called "Shaeyna Kieyum Psychic readers" (these being our Hebrew names).

She is now in Heaven a location She earned for all the help She gave to me and all the hard times i gave Her. She Left this world in 1989 and i wish Her the very best of times for the rest of eternity. i loved Her and liked Her then, and i still do. What an absolutely perfectly wonderful Spirit She was (and still is). And i do hereby publicly apologise to Her, for all of the hard times that i gave Her (She did NOT deserve them)!!!!!~~
It was from her that i learned the social graces that i now have.


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