Track Listing

Intro & Rick Mccrank - Propellerheads - Bang On!
Willy Santos - DJ Small Wonder Mix
Andrew Reynolds Intro/Outro - Har-You Percussion Group - Feed Me Good
Andrew Reynolds #1 - Spazz - Sweet Home Alabama
Andrew Reynolds #2 - Portishead - Undenied
Andrew Reynolds #3 - DJ Shadow - Organ Donor
Brian Sumner, Ali Cairns, Jeff Lenoce - Misfits - Night of the Living Dead
Steve Berra #1 - Moby - Hymn
Steve Berra #2 - Moby - God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
Steve Berra #3 - Moby - When It's Cold I'd Like To Die
Van Destruction - Rob Zombie - Superbeast
Mansion/Vivid Girls - Millionaire's Club - Sinatra Guy
Heath Kirchart & Jeremy Klein - Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure
Tony Hawk #1 - Beastie Boys - The Move
Tony Hawk #2/Bucky Lasek & Credits - Propellerheads - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The unicorn of skate videos! Will never happen again...EVER!!! Oh and the best part, to me, is when Jeremy & Heath are skating in $1000 Armani suits and Steve Berra was too much of a pussy to buy a $1000 suit He wanted to settle for a Banana Republic $300 Suit. He was originally going to be in that scene but he was given the boot by Heath & Jeremy. Special Cameo appearance in Berra's Part by J. Strickland: The master mind behind Baker-Bootleg Skateboards!

On a side note: Rick Mccrank filmed his entire part in less than 48 hours! Holy crap!!

The guy who loaned his house to Kirchart and Klein was a total dick, he didn't even have outlets the boys used extension cords running through the whole god-damn house!

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