This is the complete version of the Kriegshund animation.

The Kriegshund animation is a series of excerpts from the life of a soldier, whose sanity has crumbled into murderous hallucinations as he wades through the indiscriminate carnage of trench warfare. From a conceptual standpoint, my desire is to focus on the psychological necrosis of the individual when submerged in a world of slaughter.

Stylistically, the animation is a sepia-toned graphic form of crime noir. To further the graphic aesthetic, I made the animation operate as if it were a moving comic book. The shots, transitions and layouts of the animation follows a comic framing convention of my design. I incorporated a rough line quality with half-tone dot patterns to help cross the boundaries of animation and static comic book illustrations. My ambition is to portray a graphic style that is in keeping with the macabre nature of the subject matter that I have chosen to undertake.

To bring my character study to fruition, I utilized a variety of animation techniques. The majority of my process revolves around frame-by-frame hand drawn animation. I also incorporated computer generated 3D elements and rotoscoped footage via a variety of compositing techniques to aid my hand drawn work. From a methodological perspective, my desire is to seamlessly blend multiple techniques so that no distinction can be made between the original animation elements.

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