i was asked locally to create a Pecha Kucha 20x20 - 20 slides for 20 seconds (6min 40sec) to present an idea (pecha-kucha.org/). i was also asked by an organization in Brazil (blogs.dharma.art.br/) for one - which completely changed what i was going to do as i am making them together (sort-of..) all of my art is about creativity through limitation... and lately brevity, so this was the kind of challenge i was looking for..

audio only - soundcloud.com/mobdividual/apophenia

before the presentation:
"i have a special presentation planned that will question the very notion of what the presentation of an idea can be... i have no idea what else will be presented, should all be very interesting though..."

the images:
all of the photographs were taken using my phone and most can be found here (mobdividual.tumblr.com/archive) the stills were edited/extracted from clips that i am also responsible for

the music & video:
i recorded the sound a couple days after the actual presentation. i didn't 'labor' the recording. it's one take (tho i did have one false start, but no overdubs, 2 delay pedals, one amp) and the only take i played all the way thru that day. the recording gets a little overdriven at times, but it's okay (kind of like breaking the 4th wall is ok.. i actually wanted a little more distortion, but oh well) this came out really, really close to what i did in the live presentation, only live from my basement.. and is made up of some new pieces and alternate pieces from the ep's..mobdividual.bandcamp.com/

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