Here it comes a long description :)

I chose "Beach Fossils" to create this academic work videoclip, since they have an alternative and relaxing kind of music and has no videoclip for any of their songs. I knew them thanks to a video presenting David Carson's design works, which was my first inspiration to create this video. I decided showing two sports of my like during summer time: Surfing and Longboarding, because when I close my eyes while listening to this song, that's what I see and imagine. I also had some sites as my guide for searching references to create the patterns and choosing the colors. It's true that I've used videos and images from those who I didn't ask for permission but I hope, in future, Beach Fossils can have a videoclip like this one I made. :)

And now, the credits:

• References & Inspiration:

• David Carson's video:

• Stickers:

• Videos:


. Wave Cloud Sand -
. First Sign Of a New Swell -
. Cycles -
. Bumped Films [showreel Sept 2010] -
. Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next -
. Damien Wills Takes On Luna Park -
. Hippo Heads South -
. Pure Bronte -
. A video shot on the iPhone 4S -
. ACL Digital Cinema Demo Reel -
. Billabong Pro Round One Highlights -
. Cloudbreak [Sept 2010] -


. Super Slo-Mo Surfer (South Pacific) BBC Two -
. Longboard Pintails -
. Longboarding Freeride -
. Mirage, The Full Experience -
. Longboarding: Let Go -

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