Artistic & Production Director/Choreography/Set/ Sculpture/Costume/Animation/Dance: Karola Lüttringhaus
Composition/Programming/Concept/ Sound Director/Dramaturgy:Samuel Allen Taylor

“Vita” is a deeply personal meditation on the complex relationship between biological life and technology, in both its glorious and tragic modes; and that some kind of mysterious yet elusive energetic synthesis of the two could propel humanity to a deeper state of resonance with nature. Perhaps what is eternal is life itself, whatever form it may take, biological or otherwise, and its inherent nature is to continue to develop (and hopefully evolve). "Vita" utilizes movement-capture technology which consists of sensors attached to the body that measure velocity, movement and luminosity. These are used by the dancer in conjunction with the composer, to realize a musical score live. The computer is "listening", poised and waiting for certain types of events and responding like an orchestra to a conductor, or perhaps sometimes more like a string to a bow.

'VITA' (lat. life), a visually complex and stylized/abstract contemporary dance work. 'VITA' uses a technologically mediated environment to comment on the impact our imagination has on our world. 'VITA', in collaboration with Samuel Allen Taylor, is the company's 5th FREE SPACE collaboration with university science departments and/or independent scientists. The dancer plays Mr Taylors exquisite musical composition live on stage by means of a sensor suit that tracks velocity, flexion, light and G-forces, shaping an ever evolving sound score while offering a music concert experience of visceral nature.

'VITA' is the most recent of numerous collaborations with Samuel Allen Taylor. The sonic creations of composer and electro-acoustic artist Samuel Allen Taylor explore the point of intersection between electronic and acoustic sound media, and the live-performance-based transformation of their qualities. His work seeks a synthesis of the notated and improvised musical traditions, and navigates the spiritual feedback network between performing artists, technological instruments, electro-acoustic vibrations, and audience. Mr Taylor works as a freelance composer and as classical guitar instructor at Salem College and Community Music School. For 'VITA' Mr Taylor created a new electro-acoustic composition that is realized live by interactive movement sensing technology.

'VITA' is embedded into a world of animation and digital drawings by Karola Luettringhaus. The dance takes place on a steep raked platform allowing the dancer to climb and move inside paintings and animations. With 'VITA' we get a taste of the visual art Ms Luettringhaus exhibits in Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. Check out to see more of her visual art and design work.

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