This the promo I edited for the Emmy Award winning Documentary "Inside Information: Radosevich" that I edited for HRTV.

About the Show:
The Radosevich family has dedicated their lives to the sport of Thoroughbred racing, and they remain unfailingly committed to the sport, despite suffering an unthinkable loss nearly six years ago, when promising young jockey, Josh Radosevich, died from a spill during a race at Beulah Park.
Josh was in the midst of establishing himself as a sought-after rider, getting a leg up from his father, noted Midwest trainer Jake Radosevich, on many horses, while his abilities were being noticed by a number of other established trainers.
Not surprisingly, Josh and his father developed a special bond, that featured his father's critiques -- both good and bad. His sudden death, from a horrifying spill in November 16, 2005, shocked the family, and tested its mettle in the face of tremendous loss and adversity.
It was an emotional time for the whole family, but perhaps no one had a tougher time coping with the loss than Josh's younger brother, Jake. Admittedly, he didn't know how to handle Josh's death for a period of time. With Josh in mind, Jake gradually came to grips with the inevitability, and has since started his own career as a jockey, drawing strength from the remembrance of his brother.

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