Music: 'Starter' - Boys Noize // Boys Noize Records

This was my entry to the Boys Noize 'Empower Yourself' competition - where the aim was to create visuals for his track 'Starter'. The basis around all the visuals is that they all form parts of a machine that get more chaotic as the song progresses until the machine breaks down into an erratic explosion of fast-paced scenes towards the end.

Coincidentally I started creating these visuals and using this track as inspiration before I even knew about the competition. I also opened up this brief to collaborate amongst several other colleagues with some strict guidelines:
Red & White Only (except where the BN logo was used, as this was a stipulation of the competition), no transparency, no gradients, no motion blur. The outcome was to have a very bold, graphic looking piece that was inspired by technical drawings and mechanical devices.

Big thanks to: Steve, Luiza, Harry, David and Tiago for helping with the project!

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