CPAU, Get Ready! is a suite of three related but distinct parts that address notions of communication and implied politics of understanding. CPAU, Get Ready! superimposes objective and experiential modes of cognition and communication and re-orders these perceptual hierarchies in unusual and often humorous ways. Featuring music by composer Zeena Parkins, lighting design by Thomas Dunn, and texts and choreography by DD Dorvillier in collaboration with Heather Kravas, Amanda Piña, Joaquim Pujol, and Elizabeth Ward.

Premiere - January 2009, Dance Theater Workshop, New York City

Directed by DD Dorvillier
Created in collaboration with performers:
Heather Kravas, Amanda Piña, Joaquín Pujol, and Elizabeth Ward
Music by Zeena Parkins
Lighting Design by Thomas Dunn
Outside/Inside Eye: Jennifer Lacey
Studio Assistants: Noha Ramadan, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Martin Lanz, Sarah Beth Percival
Video Animation and Editing: Chris Cameron
Production Coordinator: Marnie Cummings
Producing Director: Caterina Bartha

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