This is an Arduino project built in one day and one night at the Jam Session organized by the Physical Computing Lab in Milan during 12 and 13 of November 2011.

It's a bomb made out of felt with an ID12 RFID reader inside and 3 LEDs that come out of the fuse. Each LED has a different color that matches each of the player's glove. The purpose of the game is to pass the bomb when a LED turns on and the device recognize if the receiver has the same color of the LED by reading a RFID tag embed inside every glove. If the bomb is not "defused" in time, it plays a theme from star wars. Nerds to the bone.

Chebbomba was made by:

Stefano Airoldi
Paolo Alborghetti
Davide Caprioli
Alessandro Casmirri
Matteo Loglio
Giulia Pretti

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