Director: Caroline Pires.
DOP: Eben Bolter
Producers: Katherine Hunt
Caroline Pires
Gaffer: Angus
Photographer: Larisa Dizdar

Synopsis: 'Anabelle, a sheltered, shy girl, finds herself in the deep end when she realizes all her friends are leaving her, for one reason or another. Faced with the choice of isolation or having to embrace a new group of people, the transition is certainly a challenging and confusing time for someone who's used to going with the flow. This is a tale of friendship in the modern age, of being forced out of your shell and of the healing power of pooh sticks.

Anabelle: Katherine Anne Hunt
Kai: Richard Mark
Mary: Sarah Anne Spry
Tim: James Farrar
Fred: Tom Kay
Abbey: Amy Lum

Shooting ON:
Canon 60D

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