Story told by a 16 year old teenager, who on his birthday left his home to live on a protest site, in a wood, outside Edinburgh. Joe, two months later also left school, quite unhappy and frustrated by the nature of the education provided there, not fulfilling his inquisitive and perhaps different mind. This may or may not be related to his dyslexia, a condition that certainly makes succeeding at exams more challenging and can be related to a sense of failure and frustration.

It is rather difficult not to see Joe’s story from a parent’s point of view, even though, seeing this way is in itself limited and limiting. But one must appreciate that every child or teenager is born with a set of unique talents and should be helped to grow and mature to become an independent and fulfilled person. The school system is normally partly in charge of this, but too often there are easy options to opt out of their duties.

Some might succeed none the less, possibly more so than if they had remained in school, as there is always room for intelligent, critical, and different minds in this world. But how much danger lay ahead? The music chosen reflects that sort of anxiety however Romane and Joe see this more lightly, perhaps they are right. Joe was happy living in the woods.

Oh yes, there is also the idea that perhaps, we should all live in the woods :-). I like very much the switch of topic from banks crashing all over the place and the view of self sufficient accommodation in full nature. Maybe that would be a better option, for the individuals, society as a whole and environment. So see you there sometimes maybe.

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