In Echo, motion (infinite motion) is broken down into a sequence of still pictures of television static, usually seen as a moving image or absence of image, and then stitched together in a continual loop. Echo explores the possibility of the divisibility of motion, dividing the streaming motion of the television static through the act of freezing it into a series of photos. The looped film acts as a device for a continual return of the sequence. The television static is used because television static picks up random electromagnetic waves out in the ether and comprises of 1/4 -1/3 cosmic background radiation. (The static is a visual signifier of the Cosmic Background Radiation which emanates back to us through time from the Big bang; the birth of our universe as we know it, some 13.7 billion light years ago.)
The projection is layered with a recording of a heartbeat, amidst the micro radio wave frequencies of the universe, in which our human hearts beat.

Filmed: Lee-Ann Joy

An exhibtion curated by Lee-Ann Joy, derived from a facebook group titled "Experimental Sounds, Sculptures & Installations"

Exhibition - J Studio's, Library Art Space, Melbourne, Australia. Compromised of Melbourne Sculptors and Sound Artists with International guest Sound Artists whom each produced a film especially for the event.

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