The Date: November 2nd

The Plot: To get engaged

The Story:
Our 1 year anniversary was on Tuesday November 1st. Getting engaged on our anniversary would've been too obvious and expected. So I decided to put it off for one more day. November 1st would be all about us celebrating one amazing year together. My birthday is on November 2nd. She did not see it coming.

The engagement took place at the foyer of the house where we first met. With the help of great friends, the foyer was turned into a beautiful space filled with flowers, candles, and pictures from our first year together. Cassie had asked me (several times) to one day sing at our wedding. I never liked that, I decided to do it when I proposed.

After crying my way through our song, I ask Cassie to give me the best birthday gift. No not an iPad. ;) I asked her to be my wife.

And then....she said YES!

Music: "Le Fantasy" by Minnutes

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