This is a work in progress. This is less that half of what will be the final animation, and all scene, effects, sound, and music are unfinished.

The story is based on a simple quote from Wong Kar Wai's film 2046. It is the narration you hear at the beginning and goes as follows
"before... when people had secrets they didnt want to share, they'd climb a mountain. They'd find a tree and carve a hole in it. They'd whisper the secret into the hole. Then cover it over with mud. That way, nobody else would ever discover it."

I hope to have the animation finished in the next two or three weeks, and will upload it when its done

The story goes on from this journey to a place where the man finds a glowing tree, it is here that he releases himself of his secret. This animation is less about the story though, and more about the experience and journey that he goes through

But please any criticism's are welcome as I want this to be as good as possible when its finished
(I realize that there are jerky camera movement, parts where you see the edge of characters, and some of the lighting effects don't quite work)

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